Stan Smith, Project Manager, Kier Wallis Group

Great Northern Hotel, Kings Cross
During the last year Beamfast Ltd have carried out the following works: Window refurbishment, Installation of new timber first floor, Installation of new arched sash windows, Repairs to existing 1870 joinery, Installation of templates for tapered barrel vault ceilings, Repairs to existing timber floors. The works were carried out to programme to a high standard and snag free on completion. The labour force was consistent and very helpful throughout. I would be more than happy to propose and use Beamfast on any future projects.

Richard Pyles, Senior Project Manager, Kier London

Westminster Kingsway College
Beamfast led the charge with a proactive and helpful approach to problem solving and materials procurement. Beamfast directly employed workforce reacted positively when asked to extend the working days to meet the project changing conditions. In addition Beamfast's in house joinery workshop was able to turn materials around a short notice which assisted the project greatly. Many thanks to a hardworking and skilled workforce that helped to provide Westminister Kingsway College with the quality building they deserve. Well Done Beamfast.